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Why do we start

2020年新冠病毒的疫情下,各大動物慈善機構都不能在社區進行籌募活動,嚴重影響收入來源,令他們十分無助。 成立的理念是希望在疫情下透過網店出售的產品,協助動物慈善基構籌募經費,增加收入,互相扶持,守望相助,共渡難關。


Due to COVID-19, many animal charity association had cancelled all their fundraising events as well as most revenue-generating programs and services.  They are currently facing a serious financial impact. 

At DogCheers, we are together with the animal charity association and will do our best to support our community.  We have decided to collaborate with them for raising funds through our products or services sold online at 

We hope this act not only help the animal charities through this tough time, but also help our fragile furry little friends to have a better life. We would love to call upon your attention to care about the animals that really need your help.